Self Coiling Shutters

Self coiling roller shutters for shop fronts, bars and restaurants.

Our Self Coiling Roller Shutters are ideal for providing security in shop fronts, bars and restaurants and can be fitted internally or externally.  All shutters are manufactured to suit each application and only the highest quality components are used.  The shutters can also be supplied electrically operated with various means of activation.

In today’s environment these shutters are an ideal means of preventing break-ins and vandalism and by specifying at the design stage, the shutters need not be intrusive.

The shutter curtains come in a variety of options and can be tailored to suit the surrounding environment. Colour matching canopies can also be provided.

Security options include Pin Locks, Centre Locks and Ground Level Locks depending on the level of security required.

If the shutters are large or subject to frequent use then it would be advisable to opt for electric shutters. These are powered by 240v tube motors and can be operated by key switch, rocker switch or remote control.

Self Coiling Roller Shutters options include:
  • Galvanised steel traditional lath
  • Galvanised steel flat lath
  • Punched lath
  • Aluminium lath
  • Plastisol/painted/powder coated lath
  • Perforated lath
  • Brick bond tubes and links


Click on the link to view Self Coiling Roller Shutter technical drawings:- Self Coiling Roller Shutter.