Single Ply Systems

Welding Engineers can offer an alternative to traditional felt roof systems which is both cost effective and long lasting, with warranties of up to 20 years.

The Rhepanol System that we use has the added advantage of not requiring a heating flame to lay making it much safer to install with no risk of fire.

Indeed a whole roof system of underlay, insulation and resistant membrane can be mechanically fixed, and the laps sealed with no hot work required.

The expected lifespan of Rhepanol is 25 – 30 years plus, ensuring that the roof is water tight for years to come.

Welding Engineers can also advise on whether the roof requires a full strip out or if an overlay system is possible to reduce costs.

The light grey colour of the Rhepanol membrane with matching trim makes an aesthetically appealing finish to any building.

Successfully completed contracts include work at RAF Leuchars and NHS Facilities at Cowlairs.