Sliding Doors

Bespoke sliding doors manufactured to suit particular projects.

Welding Engineers manufacture steel sliding doors as bespoke products to suit particular projects.

These can be either top hung, face fixed to the lintel or under the soffit, or in the case of heavier doors bottom rolling on a steel track laid on a concrete base.

The door leaves are fabricated to suit the project and range from lightweight steel frames to structural steel leaves where the door is to form a large part of the building wall.

A full range of operating and safety systems are available for the electric operation including safety edges and photocells.

Infill of the door leaves can be from a variety of materials to match or contrast with the current surroundings. Our product portfolio ranges from personnel doors to factory and warehouse doors 15m high or more. Multi-leaf, multi-track doors are also available and we can also carry out groundwork’s for the bottom track.

Sliding Doors Standard Features:
  • Heavy duty top tracks
  • Heavy duty bottom tracks
  • Fully galvanised hardware
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Intermediate panel locking
  • Insulated panels
Sliding Doors options include:
  • Flat or folding sliding
  • Pass doors
  • Single or 3 phase electrical operation
  • Vision panels
  • Flat or profiled plastisol coated sheet
  • Wire mesh infill for ventilation and security
  • Insulation


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