Stainless Steel Handrails

Bespoke range of stainless steel and glazed handrails designed to your precise specification.

Responding to our blue chip client base, Welding Engineers have a range of stainless steel and glazed  products to match the requirements of an increasingly aesthetically driven market. Ranging from the most modern ‘glue Fit’ handrail systems where lead time and adaptability is paramount, to bespoke fabrications manufactured in our workshop facilities tom our clients precise specification.

Welding Engineers approach is as throughout its product range, customer driven.  As an independent manufacturer and supplier we ensure that the right product is specified for the application. We work with the client, our supplier chain and appointed professionals to ensure any proposal will be acceptable to the relevant building inspectorate and local authorities.

Fully designed systems along with structural calculations to ensure strength and compliance are available.

Depending on the overall aesthetics, Welding Engineers can offer a range of options with regards to infill, working closely with local authorities for compliance prior to final specification.

Stainless Steel and Glazed Handrail options include:
  • Glazing
  • Tension rope systems
  • Fabricated vertical or horizontal bars