Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers and Height Restrictors… helping you to keep control of traffic within your premises.

With today’s increased traffic volumes and greater degree of emphasis on safety it has never been more important to have a traffic management strategy in place. We can help you to keep control of traffic within your premises.

Traffic Barriers

Control vehicle access to your premises with manual or electric traffic barriers. They come in various lengths and can be fitted as single barriers or in pairs for wider roadways. Barriers can be manual or single phase electric with control options such as remote control opening, digital keypad opening as well as the traditional method of having a push button station in a security gatehouse. They can be fitted with lights or skirts for greater visibility and to prevent unauthorised pedestrian access. All Welding engineers barriers are designed to cope with the traffic requirements of the location and are rated above the duty cycle required.

Traffic Barrier options include:
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Rapid opening
  • Super rapid opening
  • Reliable traffic management
  • Controls access

Height Restrictors limit the height of vehicles entering a premises, e.g. to prevent goods vehicles entering car parks and can be fixed or opening. Fixed restrictors are generally a simple goalpost arrangement while opening restrictors can either swing horizontally or lift up in a similar manner to traffic barriers. Opening barriers are required where higher vehicles may occasionally enter the restricted area e.g. for drain cleaning or line painting.

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